Our People

Mark Bell


Email = m.bell@bellsauto.com

Dana Bell


Email = d.bell@bellsauto.com
I started here 20 years ago shortly after meeting Mark. Though I have stepped out of my original role in the office, I continue to work behind the scenes. I balance being a teacher, a business owner and most importantly a wife & mom.

John Cooper

Auto Technician/Shop Manager of the Dryden Location

Email = j.cooper@bellsauto.com
Growing up in a racing family I had always been around cars and loved the atmosphere that went along with them. My nephew was good friends with Mark’s son and he let me know that Bell’s was looking for another technician; I had had experience at the track so I figured I would apply and see what happened. For about ten years I have worked hard to learn and encourage the family environment that means so much to us. As manager of the Dryden shop, it is very satisfying to see everyone here work together as a team to get things done.

Jeffrey Marshall

Auto Technician/Shop Manager of the Ithaca Location

Email = j.marshell@bellsauto.com
I first came to Bell’s when I responded to an ad in the Shopper for a tow truck driver, back when they used to tow. In my down time I would go out in the shop and see what I could learn, Mark and the rest of the guys were really helpful and 11 years later I have the privilege of being the manager of the Ithaca shop. One of the enjoyable parts of working here is the opportunity to meet and get to know people that I would otherwise not have been able to.

Jaime Allen

Customer Service and Service Writer

Email = j.allen@bellsauto.com
After taking a year off from college, getting a job at Bell’s was a great fit for me. I have been with the company for a total of six years between our Ithaca and Dryden locations. A few of the qualities that stand out about this place are, my great co-workers, the family environment that is encouraged and extended to our loyal customers, and being able to find connections with the people that walk through the front door. Having all of this in one company is a tough find.

Anna Rhinehart

Office Manager

Email = a.rhinehart@bellsauto.com
I came in looking for an office job; I walked out with an opportunity to learn how to become an automotive technician. The summer I graduated I started this crazy adventure, and Mark and Dana as well as the rest of the good people that work here have helped my dreams to become reality. In the last year and half I have learned more than I could have ever imagined, about automotive work, people, and myself. There is never a dull moment and every day brings new challenges. It is not just a job, I work in both our Dryden and Ithaca locations and one thing stays the same, we are all family.

T.J. Frost

Auto Technician

Email = t.frost@bellsauto.com
When I first got out of high school I ended up going to Alfred State to study Auto Body. After completing my degree I decided to apply for a position here at Bell’s Auto Care. I got the job and quickly realized that I preferred the mechanical side of working on cars over the auto body work. I’ve worked at both our Ithaca location and Dryden location for a total of 4 and a half years and there are a lot of things that make coming to work fun. Bells Auto is unique in comparison to many other garages because as a tech I get the opportunity to interact with many of the customers. The employees here will not only help you with anything but they extend that same support to our customers.

Jack Perkins

Auto Technician

Growing up in Dryden my family always brought their vehicles to Bell’s to be serviced. I’ve always been interested in mechanics and decided to take Automotive Technology at Boces. In 2014 I graduated at the top of my class and decided that I wanted to pursue a career in the field. Mark offered me the opportunity to work for him and after a year at Bell’s I decided to further my education and am currently working on my degree in Auto Tech at Morrisville State College. I think my favorite part about this job and Bells in particular is the interaction with the customers and the ability to help people.

Matthew Bell

Technician Assistant

As our son, Matt spent many years not interested in working on cars. Last year, he jumped in and picked up things quicker than any of us could have ever imagined. We appreciate him for stepping in during a time of need. Thankfully, the family business allows him to pursue his dreams of coaching and police work.

Charles Miller


Charlie retired from us, last year, after nearly 25 years of service. He still pops in from time to time to say "hi" and to see how we are doing!

Bruce Neff


We lost Bruce this year. For 30 years, he called this place home. He was as much Bell's Auto as Mark is. He is and always will be sorely missed.

Matthew Prentice

Auto Technician Assistant

Matt currently works at both locations as needed.

Tammy Brown

Customer Service and Service Writer

Tammy has been with us in our Varna location since October 2016.